7 Best Team Building Workshops in Singapore [2023]

Team Building Workshops Singapore

Team Building Workshops Singapore
Team Building Workshops Singapore

Team building workshops are a great way to improve communication and teamwork within your company. They can be fun and entertaining, while also teaching important skills that will help your team work better together. In this blog post, we will discuss the 7 Best Team Building Workshops in Singapore. These team building activities are sure to help your team work more efficiently and effectively!

1. Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Workshop - Team Building Workshops Singapore
Terrarium Workshop – Team Building Workshops Singapore

Making your own terrarium or miniature garden can help you reestablish a connection with nature. This one-of-a-kind fun team building activity is a snug, private, and enjoyable way to pick up a new skill, like constructing terrariums. This is one of a popular team building games that requires a collaboration between a team member and a trained facilitator. Additionally, there is a fun workshop with a comfortable setting that is ideal for the entire team. Regardless of the size of your group, you can use the items provided by using your imagination. Each team member gets to design and go home with a finished product that includes care instructions.

2. Candle Making Workshop

Candle Making Workshop - Team Building Workshops Singapore
Candle Making Workshop – Team Building Workshops Singapore

These candle making workshops focus on developing character, leadership, cooperation, and creativity in addition to making your own candles. Participate in fun team building activities, like this one, to improve your corporate culture. Another enjoyable team bonding activity and workshop! Create candles together with your office team to strengthen relationships!

3. Clay Making

Clay Making Workshops - Team Building Workshops Singapore
Clay Making Workshops – Team Building Workshops Singapore

Make something using FunEmpire! Learning a new skill is enjoyable and friendly in this clay-making session. Materials for this Singapore team building event are all provided. Everyone on the team gets to make their very own lovely little clay miniatures! Your group can decide whether it will be a physical activity or a virtual team building event.

4. Leather Workshop 

Leather Workshop - Team Building Workshops Singapore 
Leather Workshop – Team Building Workshops Singapore 

Are you a fan of leathercraft? As much as we adore leather goods, chances are you’ve considered making it yourself. Any corporate team building event will benefit greatly from this bonding exercise. Making leather is a terrific way to stimulate your imagination. Your group can create a coin purse, key fob, or card holder. This is one of the best team bonding activities that allows team members to spend quality time with leather making.

5. Art Jamming

Art Jamming - Team Building Workshops Singapore
Art Jamming – Team Building Workshops Singapore

It is highly advised to participate in Art Jamming, a brand-new initiative team building activity, to increase creativity, cultivate patience, and promote connections between team members. One of FunEmpire’s artistic workshops, indeed. The entire team will be motivated to let their creativity flow in a comfortable and relaxing environment thanks to this enjoyable corporate team building exercise and peaceful art jam sessions. Spend time with your crew, paint some t-shirts and boards, and let your imagination run wild. This exciting team building activity is also offered by FunEmpire as one of their virtual team building activities.

6. Giant Board Games

Giant Board Games – Team Building Workshops Singapore

The most popular board games in Singapore are made even more enjoyable when they are life-size! These enormous board games, which range from life-sized snake and ladder to gigantic airplane chess, are the ideal addition to your upcoming corporate team building activity. This activity is one of those well-liked fun team building games since our life-sized and giant-sized board games allow players to play in groups, promoting an awareness of collaboration and encouraging bonding as the best team sticks together to achieve a common objective. Be divided into different teams, and may the winning team be the best. This is particularly ideal for a private meeting with your staff. Besides the physical difficulties, think about your life-size puzzle-solving skills as well/

7. Escape Room

Escape Room - Team Building Workshops Singapore
Escape Room – Team Building Workshops Singapore

If you enjoy solving puzzles, taking on new challenges, and going on treasure hunts, escape rooms are for you. Are you up for the challenge of solving the puzzles in the escape room? Escape into a brand-new universe with your squad and be engrossed by the shifting situations and intriguing puzzles you come across. Prizes will undoubtedly go to the victorious team! A fun corporate team building activity that will undoubtedly inspire everyone on the company to love puzzles and boost morale.

Team Building Workshops Singapore

As you can see, there are many entertaining and successful team building activities in Singapore. You may contribute to enhancing communication and teamwork within your team by making the time and effort to invest in team development. Additionally, you’ll get the ability to laugh and develop bonds with your coworkers. Why don’t you try one of these workshops then? Your team and you will be happy you did.

What make the team building activities and team building games? 

A particular kind of event that promotes teamwork and communication is a team building workshop. They can consist of a wide range of activities, from escape rooms to art classes, and are designed to be enjoyable, stimulating, and motivating for the team.

What would be a nice team building game and team building activity? 

Team collaboration and communication have been improved as a result of good team building exercises. They can boost team spirit and be entertaining and interesting. Escape rooms and clay-making workshops are two common team building exercises.

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