8 Craft Workshops In Singapore Worth Visiting [2023]

Craft Workshop

Craft Workshop
Craft Workshop

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Why not check out one of the 8 Craft Workshops In Singapore Worth Visiting. You’ll be able to learn a new skill and meet new people. Plus, you’ll get to take home some amazing crafts!

Benefits of Craft Workshops

Unleash your creativity and pick up a new skill by participating in craft workshops! From brush calligraphy to jewelry making, you can explore the possibilities of art while having fun. Art workshops offer an enriching experience, providing basic art education that will help you create the business of your dreams. So don’t hesitate – jump into these best-in-class creative sessions and make something beautiful today!

Tips when attending Craft Workshops in Singapore

When attending a craft workshop in Singapore, make sure to:

1. Arrive on time to make the most of the workshop.

2. To enable easy movement, dress and walk in comfortable footwear and clothing.

3. Pay close attention to the instructions provided by the instructor, and ask any questions you may have.

4. Have fun and be creative!

Craft Workshops in Singapore

1. Terrarium Making

Terrarium Making - Craft Workshops Singapore
Terrarium Making – Craft Workshops Singapore

If you’re in search of a unique and creative workshop to try, Terrarium Making is it! These delightful craft classes are ideal for anyone who wishes to learn how to make their own miniature garden. If that’s not enough — with FunEmpire providing each attendee a bottle — you can create your very own herb garden too! During the session, participants will be taught how to nurture terrariums while at the same time learning about various plants that they may add into them. You’ll even have unlimited access when choosing your personal decorations and plants!

Individuals who love plants and have a green thumb will benefit greatly from team building exercises like this! Additionally, no prior experience is necessary because Fun Empire has devoted facilitators who will assist you in experiencing nature and greenery despite living in a city.

So if you want to learn about gardening and enjoy some creative crafting, then a Terrarium Making Workshop by the FunEmpire is the perfect workshop for you!

2. Virtual Art Jamming

Virtual Art Jamming - Craft Workshops Singapore
Virtual Art Jamming – Craft Workshops Singapore

Check out this Virtual Art Jamming workshop if you’re looking for something artistic to do during the day. Those who enjoy art will undoubtedly enjoy this therapeutic session of artistic workshops. No prior knowledge is necessary!

This craft shop provides a wide range of art workshops and activities, including painting, drawing, and virtually everything that sparks your imagination.

This is ideal for corporate events that will take place remotely because this team building course is online. All the materials will be delivered straight to your home too!

These enjoyable craft workshops are ideal for anyone with a passion for high-quality craftsmanship who desired to have their own studio and participate in and receive training from creative workshops. This may be the beginning of your learning process for your new hobby.

3. Art Jamming Singapore

Art Jamming - Craft Workshops Singapore
Art Jamming – Craft Workshops Singapore

If you want to spend your weekend doing something fun and creative, you should check out Art Jamming Singapore. Additionally, this is a great activity for encouraging teamwork among your staff.

The art classes and activities available at this craft shop include painting, drawing, and painting tote bags. Attending one of these enjoyable craft workshops is a great way to make new friends, learn something new, and pass some time.

You’ll have a great time making silly designs and letting your imagination run wild during this enjoyable experience. Know art cultivation, basic techniques, and spend quality time with the ones you love, all while producing your own masterpiece, just by using acrylic paint.

4. Virtual Terrarium

Virtual Terrarium Making - Craft Workshops Singapore
Virtual Terrarium Making – Craft Workshops Singapore

Create crafts in the comfort of your own home with Virtual Terrarium. Also, art workshop can heal your inner artist within, even though you get your hands dirty, you’ll make art, and soon if you’ll grow, be a craft atelier.

Even though you are spread out across the globe, spend quality time with your remote team. Perfect for business gatherings, team building exercises! Get your hands dirty at these craft workshops from Fun Empire.

This workshop will teach you how to make a project while you watch your computer screen and participate in a workshop using Zoom or another online video conferencing tool, which is similar to taking online classes. The best workshops for businesses for the whole crew!

5. Virtual Leather Crafting Workshop

Virtual Leather Crafting Workshop - Craft Workshops Singapore
Virtual Leather Crafting Workshop – Craft Workshops Singapore

Never worry about leaving the comfort of your own home to take part in a leather workshop again – FunEmpire has you covered! With their DIY Home Kit, which is conveniently shipped right to your door, anyone can make beautiful and unique leather products without ever having to leave. Plus, there are even more craft workshops with their own DIY Home Kits available too! Enjoy the experience that an art school provides but within your very own residence. Visit them today for all these fantastic opportunities!

6. Leather Crafting Workshop

Leather Crafting Workshop - Craft Workshops Singapore
Leather Crafting Workshop – Craft Workshops Singapore

Are you in search of a one-of-a-kind way to unwind? Then FunEmpire’s leather craft workshop is your perfect solution! Not only will you become familiar with the skillful creation of gorgeous and exclusive leather products, but also enjoy agreeable crafting at this art workshop. Put simply, if it’s creativity that brings joy to your heart then enrolling yourself into our leather craft workshop should be a no brainer!

7. Candle-Making Workshop

Candle Making Workshop - Craft Workshops Singapore
Candle Making Workshop – Craft Workshops Singapore

Make a candle today by devoting a few hours to it! Delve deeper into your candle enthusiasm and make your DIY scented home decor today (even using your own distinctive perfume) (even using your own signature perfume) (even using your own signature perfume). Learn more about soy or gel candles in our advanced classes here at FunEmpire.

With the use of essential oils and dried flowers to decorate your candles, this craft workshop from the company will undoubtedly get your creative juices flowing!

You can bet on your friends and coworkers having a wonderful time and laughing throughout this candle-making workshop!

8. Clay-Making Workshop

Clay Making Workshop - Craft Workshops Singapore
Clay Making Workshop – Craft Workshops Singapore

Are you interested in learning how to craft your own handmade soaps? Or maybe clay sculpture is more of your thing. With our clay-making class, anything can be molded into a beautiful piece of art – the skyline, a favorite character or even an homage to classic pieces! Not only that but this workshop also makes for great birthday parties and reunions where friends can enjoy creating together. If there was ever a time to make childhood dreams come true, it’s now!

Recommended Activities


Poolball - Craft Workshops Singapore
Poolball – Craft Workshops Singapore

Play poolball in Singapore to have a ball – quite literally! This unique game is the combination of two favorites, football and pool.

Why not give playing a game of giant-sized pool a try if you’re looking for something entertaining to do with friends or complete strangers? Use your feet to kick soccer balls into pockets on a huge pool table instead of cue sticks. This life-size version of what would ordinarily be a tabletop game will ensure you hours of incredible amusement in addition to being thrilling and exciting.

If you enjoy soccer and want to add another element of excitement to the sport, come try out poolball during your next visit here.

Bullet Ball

Bullet Ball - Craft Workshops Singapore
Bullet Ball – Craft Workshops Singapore

Bullet ball – the classic game, dodgeball we love is making a tremendous come back and our special version of it is quickly becoming one of our most popular game activities!

Craft Workshops Singapore

Singapore is the best destination for people wishing to sharpen their abilities and manufacture attractive goods. FunEmpire offers a wide variety of workshop alternatives, including workshops in clay molding, candle making, and leather manufacturing. Additionally, you may visit our website to explore all available team building activities in Singapore as well. We also include an array of other craft workshops such as calligraphy lessons, tapestry weaving sessions and silkscreen printing instructions that are sure to excite creatives from all across the world!

Affordable workshops Singapore

From a pocket-friendly price of $19/pax, FunEmpire provides exclusive workshops that will help you refine your talents and produce stunning masterpieces. Whether it’s from the website or many other craftsmen in Singapore, there is no shortage of courses to browse – so get ready to explore!

Virtual workshops for team building

FunEmpire offers virtual workshop for team building that will certainly assist your team to form a firm bond with one other. Teams that wish to gain new abilities and make attractive goods together will benefit immensely from our virtual workshops.

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